On the Hunt

The Beginning

Starting Out...and Not Dying

Our proud heroes began their adventure with quite a flair for the dramatic. Each of them survived some form of struggle while in the academy, and recounting tales of their misadventures helped pass the time on the road.

While attempting to help what they thought were some weary and downtrodden merchants, the five heroes were attacked by bandits in search of quick coin. After a few minor scrapes and bruises, the dispatched of the bandits and discarded the scraps, eager to get to their mission and accomplish their goal. Upon arriving at the outskirts of Santa Rosa, the friends met with a merchant who gave them directions to a faster route to their destination.

At that moment, smoke was spotted and someone was running from the village in their direction. Our heroes had a decision to make: help the village that was under attack, or hurry on their way to the Temple of Neshir because they were already running behind schedule. With only 36 hours to complete the entire mission, the travelers determined that they could not leave the villagers to die and set off quickly to dispatch whatever evildoers were attacking the town.

Upon arriving, they spotted undead hordes attacking villagers and ransacking the town. In the midst of all of this stood a towering beast called Jabby Bones and a warmage controlling the hordes of undead. Charging fearlessly into battle, Enoon threw his body in harms way to block the villagers and his companions, taking the brunt of the attacks as he valiantly blocked the path. Lordy Royce also took action, seizing the moment and doing just enough to allow his companions to hit, distract, and subdue the many enemies around. Through means of dark magic, and things unknown, Mr. Kresh took to attacking the minds and bodies of the undead, ripping them to shreds from the inside. At the same time, the wood elf Thomas drew his longbow and began raining terror down upon those who wished to cause harm, protecting the innocent with is arrows of justice. Spec jumped at the opportunity to display his skills with the short sword and dagger as he waded in, slicing and dicing his way to the warmage. After dispatching the minions, the proud heroes made quick work of the leaders of this group, wresting control of the village back.

Knowing that time was short, the weary adventurers set out again in order to get to the temple and obtain the relic they were tasked with returning. Through the forest they flew, skipping over brush and bramble, avoiding treacherous spikes and spines, helping an animal in need and even rushing through the trees during a torrential downpour, finally arriving at their destination!

With keen eyes, some of the group spotted a hired military force commonly associated with the Runa Empire. Lord Royce stepped forward to attempt to diffuse any possible hostility, and to explain their reason for being at the temple. This rapidly turned the tide in the party’s favor, as it struck fear in the hearts of the soldiers at the door knowing that the King of Roland was sending emissaries to the temple. This quickly turned to a fight and our heroes again prevailed after a valiant fight. Upon the completion of the disposal of the berzerkers raiding the temple, the party stumbled upon a Runan priest with the very relic they were sent to recover!

This sent the men into action, flying about with a new found determination. Spec pulled off a spectacular stunt, running along the temple pillars and slicing free the sword from the back of the cleric. As one would expect, this turned his attentions toward Spec in full force. While slashing wildly at Spec, it became apparent that the priest was able to raise the dead and turn a 5vs.1 into a 5vs.6 in a heartbeat. After the brave monk Enoon snuck around and smashed the priest in the face with a flying knee and Lord Royce provided some extra oomph to many of the attacks, while Alder was causing the internal combustion of the minions and Spec was hacking away at the priest, Thomas took aim with his sturdy and trusted longbow.

Time seemed to slow down as the arrow was nocked and took flight. The monk, with his last bit of energy reached out and grabbed the ankle of the Runan priest, now allowing him to dodge. Spec’s spinning blades created a distraction, now allowing any room for movement and Lord Royce stood over Enoon’s body, brandishing his greatsword and cursing a blue streak that any sailor would be proud of, causing the priest’s mind to shift back and forth. His attention not focused, the arrow from Thomas’s bow found his left eye socket, and he slumped to the ground, dead. Our heroes stood victorious, but knew that they were short on time, and even shorter on energy.

Can they make it back in time to complete their task?


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