Roland Proper

Roland is (now) the southernmost country in Menoris. Led by the hero-king Alon Sital. Less than twenty years ago they waged a bloody war against Estabul, which is now the southernmost portion of the country of Roland.

During this war, the orphaned Alon Sital lead the massacre of the Estabul Army in dominating fashion. There were only a handful of survivors for the entire battle, and the future king lost many of his companions and closest friends. This war started when the last king of Roland – King Hephestaeous IV – was assassinated while on his throne in the capital city. Estabul saw weakness and cut off trade routes from the north and west, trying to starve out much of the nation. The generals in command of the Rolandian Army lead a march, with many of the recent graduates from the academy (King Alon included) and managed to find their way to the capital of Estabul, leaving a path of destruction in their wake.

King Alon is the adopted son of the late Elric and Audriana Sital, a noble family of relatively high standing. His brother, the naturally born son, was also killed. All three were ambushed on their way back to the capital city in a carriage. They were killed mercilessly and their possessions robbed. Alon Sital wept and mourned for many weeks before returning to his studies. He was the lone heir to the family’s compound, but sold it in order to pursue his studies and a military career.

After the war with Estabul, an election was held for the first time, and Alon Sital was the overwhelming victor, thanks to his victories on the battlefield and the name he had made for himself in that way. There are not many survivors from the most famous battle, but if one could be find, it would be quite a tale to hear.


Estabul used to border Roland to the south, but was invaded and overtaken by Roland during the war man years ago.


Nelpha, formerly Imperial Nelpha, is run by former emperor Gread Nelphi and his grandson Toale. They are relatively passive and while they are no longer independent (it has become a subkingdom under Roland) they have many ruins and interesting artifacts across their lands. Monsters are a significant problem, and the population has dwindled, but natural resources are abundant there, making it a valuable commodity.



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