Welcome to Menoris!

The continent of Menoris is the only habitable continent on the planet. It is not overly large, think the size of Europe with the Nordic nations attached, but does have a variety of elements. All of the PCs are nearing graduation from the Roland Academy. It is important to note that all families that are citizens or residents of the nation of Roland must send one (and only one) child to the academy for training and enlistment.

Foreign nationals often send their children to the Academy as well, but they must have reason and coin to do so. There are many non-Rolandians in the academy, but they only number about 30% of the students. For more information about the nations of Menoris please go to Nations.

The game will be played using the 13th Age ruleset. The Core Rules and 13 True Ways are available to the players to use to create their PCs. For more information about character creation, please go to Character Creation.

On the Hunt

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